Feel The Fear

Feel the fear and do it afraid.

Feel the fear and do it afraid. Sounds silly, I know…

Avoiding anything that makes us anxious is in some ways a natural reaction. However, avoiding some situations that create anxiety can lead to the development of phobias and loss of confidence. Once we begin to avoid things, we may find our mobility becomes increasingly restricted. Trevor Powell (2015)

How to confront the anxiety provoking situation

  1. Be were that, the symptoms can not harm you.
  2. Stay relaxed during confrontation process
  3. Employ the breathing techniques
  4.  Expect more anxieties as you begin confrontation
  5. If you continue confronting, your anxiety will go down.

I have faced a lot of fear in my life, I must admit, and it is not an easy thing to go through. The recent fear I had to face was to start a blog, I decided to confront this fear and that is why you are reading this blog right now! What is your biggest fear? Drop me a line, I would like to hear your story…