Hope is an anticipation or a constant expectation of something. It is hoping for something is not yet seen.

If we were going to stay focus and get to the end of the finish line or until we see our situation changes for the better, we may need to employ hope which is mainly imagining how our current negative situation can be turned into a positive one. This happens by painting a picture inside your heart. This picture can be a powerful propeller that can help us navigate through negative situations. Once we have the good image inside us, we may need to continue to maintain it so that we don’t lose it.

How do I maintain Hope?

The best way to do this is to have a good understanding between the hope or and the positive imagination inside of us because whatever is happening right now around or within us have a subject to change, it won’t be there forever even though our current circumstance is states the opposite.

Hope and Covid-19

This pandemic has caused a lot of pain to many of us… some more pain that others. It is hard to be hopeful at this current climate, especially when we are grieving because of loss of our loved ones or properties or the way of our life, however, we must find ways to connect back to hope. we are allowed to mourn and grieve, but if we stay in there for too long, we may not survive, I mean that we may loose the perception of what is around us. We may have lost a lot of things or people that are dear to us, but let us look around us, let us connect to what is left in our reach and maximise it and let it be the stepping stone to another way of life. Back 2003 I lost everything I thought dear to me. I had broken relationship of 7 years , I lost connection with my parents whom they told me that they did not want to have anything to do with me anymore, basically, in their eyes I was dead. I lost house, I was in debt some from myself and the other i inherited from my partner, lost money and all the friends. I had to live in people’s home whoever had a space to put me in and my less that a year old baby. I was also suffering from post natal depression which made things much difficult.

You Are Stronger Than you Think

I have no idea how you may be feeling right now, but I do know that you are stronger than the situation you are going through.

You could be the only person who is left in the family after this deadly virus, or you could be the only one who has a job in your house hold at the moment, or you could be the only parent left in the family… I encourage you that, don’t lose hope. This is not the time for it. I encourage you to keep your light shining for those who looks towards you for support and guidance.

I will encourage you to call a friend or seek a professional who can help you find hope again if you’ve lost it for now and you are finding it hard to get it back.

I do hope that there will be a light at the end of the tunnel for you and there is no other train coming.

Remember hope believes that, things will work out of bad situation. This understand will help you bring peace to your soul during this unprecedented times. Your hope will later marry faith and together they give birth to the impossible!

Remember you are not alone. Reach out to someone today…